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Source for 780 Trim Parts

Information. I found a new 780 site (by far the best 780 site that I have seen) at:    Anyone with an interest in the 780 will definitely
enjoy it.

Source for 780 Trim Parts. [Tip from Steve Seekins] If anyone is looking, you can contact them directly. I know that some of these are now difficult to get.
 VOLVO 780 (39K) Bertone.  The original stainless steel trims for: H. Bauer Kfz. has purchased the entire stock of the manufacturer at prices of 1 piece DM 100.- or 1 set (6 pieces) DM 500.-  If you have interest, please contact :
H. Bauer Kfz.
Lindenstr. 6
78662 Bösingen
Deutschland 0049 Telefon: (0)7404 / 910165

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