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Volvo Part Numbers: Secret Check Digit

Parts Sources (Good Prices).

In Ontario: Precision Auto Parts 1 800 361 3334.; his e-mail is:

If you are willing to order it, some discount dealers give you well over 20% discount. Borton ( and TVK (Toyota Volvo of Keene, but I don't have their coordinates) come to mind. Borton gave me over 50% discount on some parts (but they used to give these discounts only to internet customers, I'm not sure if that has changed or not).

The best price on Nivomats that I have been able to find ( I've searched high and low) is from RD Enterprises in CA. Last time I checked (Late December) they quoted me $199.00. They come with a lifetime warranty. 1-800-663-2890 or

Parts Sources with Internet Connections:
Part Number Pricing Lookup.  Check out Frank’s Foreign Auto for an automatic Volvo OEM part number pricing database:

Canadian Internet Parts Sources.  [Query:]   [Response 1: Evan R] Stephane at specializes in used parts, but also sells many new maintenance items as well.  Located in Montreal, so English isn't their first language, but they get by fairly well.  [Response 2: John Laughlin] Don Docksteader Motors in Vancouver, BC.

Source of Rebuilt AMM. [Response 1:] Injection Labs in Gardnerville, Nevada remanufactures air mass meters for Volvos.  Both my '89 and '90 240DL Wagons are running with their AMM's.  They will sell direct.  Cost was approximately $150.00 U.S. each (as of April '98).  Telephone number is 702-782-8544.  Speak to Kevin.  Website:

[Response 2:] About 18 months ago, I replaced the AMM on my '89 240DL with a re-built unit from the following company: Injection Labs, 1436 Industrial Way, UnitC, Gardnerville, Nevada, 89410, Tel: 702-782-8544 Fax: 702-782-3481.
My unit failed after 15 months and my supplier told me that it had a only a one year warranty. I called Injection Labs directly and spoke to Kevin. He was very helpful and he sent me a replacement right away (no charge). I returned the defective unit. My wife's '90 240 now needs a new AMM. I called Injection Labs and asked if they sell direct, which they will. Kevin quoted me $150.00 U.S., exchange.

Source of FI Computers. So my real task now is to find a new, er, rebuilt or recycled ECU.  My
preliminary discussions with other list members and my mechanics has steered me into getting a rebuilt for longevity and peace of mind.

First option is to go through Volvo. Local dealers want $950 + core.  Borton wants $750 + core.  The local authorized Bosch dealer (recommended by Alex Rosser SB list member) has it listed in his catalog, but says it is not available at any Bosch warehouse in the US.  He thinks it is  manufactured for Volvo and sold through Volvo only exclusively.  He *can* get it, but at an admitted "not good price" of $791.  The other option is the independent rebuilders.  In searching my SB files, Python Injection kept coming up as the source to use.  I called them and found out that they carry the part, but currently have none in. So they could rebuild mine only if I R&R'd to them through an approve retailer.  Not too bad of an option, except that I would be without the car for about a week -- Can't do that!  The price from Fuel Injection Warehouse (a retailer that they use and recommended by an SB listmember) is $499.  So are there any other options or avenues I should try?

Used Parts Sources. The place to go for over 500 Volvo Parts cars is B+D Used Auto Parts in Shirley/Leominster, Mass. From Boston go to the intersection of I-495 and Rt 2 West. Go North on 495 to the Rt 2A exit, then West on Rt 2A about ten miles to Shirley. You'll come to B+D used auto parts. Rt 13 is too far. It's a cornucopia of Volvo stuff. They're on the web at or call 1-800-759-0246. They'll hook you up. Ask for Roy 1-800-PARTS-R-US;

For turn signal lenses and the like, try Matt's lenses, he has cheap used parts and will ship. See Electrical: Lighting.

Try  near Rochester, NY.

Try "Frank's Foreign Auto" in Orange, NJ

Source of Rebuilt Power Steering Racks.  [Tip from Pete Gotseff] Try  The Q-list has been using them for years. They are very cheap and price includes return shipping via UPS.  These are rebuilt racks and the price justifies having them do it.

Sources of Aftermarket Air Conditioning Parts.  [Query]  I need a new evaporator for my 960. The unit in the car reads Harrison France.  Where can I obtain one less expensive than Volvo OEM?  [Response: Tom Irwin]  First Try "Import Parts Specialist" in Idaho.. (  I just got a GANG of "Volvo Dealer ONLY", 960 stuff from them for about 1/2 price.  Then, call "Murray/Moog" in Palestine, TX or "A/C PLUS" in Arlington, TX.  Both, in my opinion, are WORLD CLASS technology leaders in Mobile A/C Aftermarket.

Source of Rebuilt Air Conditioning Compressors.  AMC  manufacturing, Remanufactured compressors.  For more info visit web site @

Sources of Body Panels and Trim.  [Query]   [Response: Stoney] US Importer for Veng Body Parts.  Please try this company:
         65 VINEYARD ROAD
         MA 02771     USA
         Attention: SCOTT EDWARDS
         Telefax1: 5083996583
         Telefon:  5083996510
Go to the website
and get part # and then call/fax Veng USA

Volvo Part Numbers: Secret Check Digit. The secret Volvo formula for a check digit is as follows: 1212121 -the next whole number divided by 10. example 6 6 0 8 2 8
                            multiply each digit, digit by digit, by:  1 2 1 2 1 2 equals:           6 12 0 16 2 16 Then add the resulting digits as: 6+1+2+0+1+6+2+1+6 =25

and subtract from the next closest number divisable by 10 and the remainder is your check digit (5). Hope this helps - I worked at a Volvo dealer for 18-years and found that the Volvo check digit always kept you from accidentally ordering the wrong part (did not keep Volvo from sending the wrong part). Knowing the formula allowed me to order parts that I read about in non-U.S. bulletins.

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