About SwedishBricks.net

SwedishBricks is an online forum created more than ten years ago for technical discussions of issues related to Volvos, primarily for 200 series owners. In August of 1997, Lee Levitt created the forum's web site - this one - and once again moved mailing list services, this time to a commercial mailing list product.

850 Police CarThis group talks mostly about driving, maintenance and repair issues concerning Volvo's sold in North America over the last 25 years. Most of the talk comes from owners of 200 and 700/900 series cars. There is a nucleus of 544, 122, 1800 and 140/160 owners and an increasing number of FWD (850, V40, V60, V70) owners.

Subject matter on this list tends to be relatively technical, with most of the discussion concerning repair issues of higher mileage vehicles. The list has been quite talkative, with as many as 40 messages per day being not uncommon. A digest mode is available for receiving the daily messages in a single bundle.

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