1960 PV 544Links Page

Corporate Links

Volvo's Corporate Home Page, Sweden Primary Volvo Corporation web site
Volvo US Home Page Volvo US Web Site for VCNA
High Mileage Badges Place to order your badges from Volvo
Literature Center To order service or owners manuals, contact Volvo at:

Literature Distribution Center
Volvo Cars of North America, Inc.
P.O. Box 25577
Milwaukee, WI 53225
Phone: +1 800 25 VOLVO (+1 800 258 6586)
Fax: +1 414 466 4901

Interesting Links

The Saint Excellent site devoted to all things Saintly (1800s)
164 Club of Sweden Yep, dedicated to the lovely 164. Everyone wanted one once...a few dreamed about a 165.
Volvo Historic Racing Series Coordinated by the Sports Car Club of America, Northern New Jersey Region and Volvo Cars of North America, this series allows the serious Volvo nut to go wheel to wheel racing.
Volvonet.org If you're a Volvo nut, and you want to set up a personal home page for your afflliction, this is the place to go...lots of interesting information here!
Why Drive a Volvo Some graphic images here...but we're preaching to the choir!
See what's for sale on ebay for your Volvo!

Parts Sources - New

IPD Performance parts
Swedish Engineering New and used parts
Toyota Volvo of Keene, NH New parts at a substantial discount (ask for George)

Parts Sources - Used

Don Thibault Outstanding variety of P1800 parts
Swedish Treasures Swedish Treasures specializes in the 120, 140, 445, 210, 444 and 544 Volvo model series. We carry a large selection of quality used original Volvo parts and some NOS at reasonable prices.
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